Shonen Knife at Middle East (6/24)
Shonen Knife is a group that has truly transcended both the naturally conceived limits of time and geographical location when it comes to creative output. The Japanese all-girl pop-punk band has been around longer than some of today’s up-and-coming artists have even been alive and totes a fandom reaching the lofty likes of Sonic Youth and Nirvana. Channelling their favorite acts like Ramones and The Beach Boys, the trio has cemented their worldwide legacy with their simplistic yet catchy lyrics and their sharp and pointed instrumentation.

The sole original member from the band, Naoko Yamano, briefly chatted with us about Shonen Knife’s latest work Overdrive [Read More...] CJ Ramone / Shonen Knife - Metro Gallery
I will admit that I was initially confused with the overall billing of this show because I had thought that CJ Ramone was a member of Shonen Knife for this tour and was expecting to see CJ jam with the J-pop princesses but the way the show worked out was that the opening act dropped off day of show and Shonen Knife’s set started the night off. CJ Ramone played a solo set as the headliner at 10 PM.

I was impressed with the quality merch Shonen Knife and CJ had at their tables. CJ sold hand painted skateboard decks, vinyl, and solo shirts. Shonen Knife had merch that reminded me of The Beatles back when they were a pop band; everything was cute, fluffy and nice. [Read More...]
Metal As Religion
Since the mid-1990’s cute girls as young as twelve have been recruited by the Japanese Talent Agencies to ‘become’ adorable little stars. The Japanese Idol system is all about manufacture, control and profit. Innocent looking actresses are recruited. (They do not necessarily have a background in music.) They are then expected to sweat & toil for their masters before being relentlessly and rigorously promoted...

If you are not a fan of Simon Cowell and Syco music because you do not like artifice and deceit… And you think that Idol factories such as X Factor and Got Talent churn out mass-produced consumer fodder — then it figures that you should not like or support Babymetal either.

But Here are Five Bands that you Should Get to Know and be Proud to Support:

The first band you should get to know is a pop punk band formed in Osaka Japan, in 1981. [Read More...] SHONEN KNIFE IS STILL SHARP
In a year that has been filled with influential, well-respected alt-rock bands from the 90’s returning to the road – there is no band that captured the zeitgeist better than Shonen Knife. The 90’s were a time when an all-female, Japanese punk band from Osaka like Shonen Knife could exist.

The band formed in the early 80’s, by sisters Naoko Yamano, Atsuko Yamano, along with friend and bassist Michi Nakatani. They’re reputation preceded them, being influenced primarily by the burgeoning music of mid-to late 70’s – specifically punk rock and New Wave. And being an all-female group they struck chord with the emerging feminist mindset in a misogynist Regan-era America, and the Riot Grrrrl movement swelling in the underground music scene. It didn’t take long for the all-female, Japanese punk band to be noticed scene kids in America. [Read More...]
Scene Point Blank: Shonen Knife, CJ Ramone @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall
Shonen Knife cleaned up afterward and they lived up to expectation. It was energetic, choreographed, and tight. The synchronized riffage and bowing guitar/bass contrasted by stand-up drumming was both entertaining and a musically respectful—more playful than mocking—and the real definitive point would be the band’s enthusiasm. Over 30 years in the game haven’t dampened the mood, and drummer Emi Morimoto’s infectious smile kept the atmosphere bouncy and carefree. [Read More...]
Colossalcon 2015: Shonen Knife Interview

We Heart Music: Shonen Knife, CJ Ramone at Amsterdam Bar, St Paul
The CJ Ramone and Shonen Knife tour just came through the Twin Cities last Wednesday, June 10th, at the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St Paul.

This is a great double bill for Shonen Knife, who sometime play as Ramones tribute band The Osaka Ramones. It's been a while since we as saw the band in 2009, but it would seem that they've reunited with original bassist Atsuko Yamano... who is temporary replacing Ritsuko Taneda on her maternity leave. This was a unique opportunity for non-Los Angeles fans to see Atsuko performing on bass for the first time in nearly a decade.

As you can see from their setlist, it was written in Japanese, making it a challenge to decipher what they played. I believe this is their correct set, based on my notes and with a help of friend.
[Read More...]
Japan Culture NYC: Shonen Knife and CJ Ramone to Play (le) Poisson Rouge
Legendary Japanese all-girl rock group Shonen Knife continues its tour in support of its latest release, Overdrive, with a live show at (le) Poisson Rouge. The icons of indie achieved cult status with their brand of poppy-fun tunes influenced by 1960s pop and punk bands.

To mark Shonen Knife’s 30th anniversary and to pay tribute to groundbreaking punk group the Ramones, the band released its 16th studio album, Osaka Ramones in 2011. So it’s fitting that joining them on stage at (le) Poisson Rouge will be CJ Ramone, the bassist for the Ramones from 1989 through 1996. [Read More...]
Pretty much an unbelievable lineup at Amsterdam tonight. After Dee Dee Ramone could no longer play bass in The Ramones, his buddy C.J. Ramone took over and gave the legendary punk pioneers a (some say needed) breath of fresh air. Since he was much younger than the other members, C.J. is still going strong and blowing up small club with his new band punk ethos. He’s joined on his current tour by the legendary Japanese pop punk trio Shonen Knife—we kicked ourselves for missing their last show here, which we heard was just fantastic. Those two groups playing together would be enough, but our favorites, near local legends L’Assassins are even opening. Gotta go. [Read More...]
Chicago Reader: Shonen Knife, CJ Ramone
Shonen Knife, CJ Ramone
When: Sun., June 7, 9 p.m. 2015
Price: $15
Crunchy riff, unbearably cutesy lyrics about animals, crunchy riff, unbearably cutesy lyrics about food: Japanese pop-punk trio Shonen Knife have a formula, and (despite personnel changes) they do not deviate. Nor should they. Everybody likes to pretend the essence of rock/punk is anarchy and attitude, but Shonen Knife know that Elvis and for that matter the Sex Pistols, were charming because they were unabashed novelty acts. “Anarchy in the UK . . . it might be a mistake,” the group declares on their last masterpiece, 2010’s Free Time. Their latest, 2014’s Overdrive (Good Charamel Records), isn’t quite up to that standard. Plus it doesn’t have the wackily sublime energy of their greatest 90s tracks like “Fish Eyes,” which whimsically riffed on cross-cultural alienation from the piscine point of view. Still, even if it’s not top-drawer Knife, Overdrive has plenty of pleasures for fans, like “Green Tea,” about green tea; “Shopping,” about shopping; “Fortune Cookie,” about what you’d expect; and “Like a Cat,” which must be Shonen Knife’s 20th song about cats (“Meow, meow, meow / Fancy free like a cat /Meow, meow, meow/ Spend your days like a cat”). If ever a band deserved a kitten endorsement, Shonen Knife is it—and what could be higher praise than that? [Read More...]