New City Music: Preview: Shonen Knife/Bottom Lounge
I do not think any band can put a smile on anyone’s face more than this Japanese power pop punk trio. Naoko Yamano and her bandmates have played rudimentary two-to-three-chord songs sung in rudimentary English. They’ve been going strong for more than thirty-two years and recently performed their 1,000th live show. While they may appear to be unassuming, don’t underestimate them; these ladies are simply exhilarating. We are talking about fast catchy riffs that engage, entertain and (make appropriate two-fisted hand gesture here) ROCK! - See more at: [Read More...]
Montreal Gazette: POP Montreal: Shonen Knife, Sacral Nerves in Le Divan Orange
The Japanese lady at the merch table was selling the cutest, coolest scarf-banners and guitar picks, along with most of Shonen Knife’s 20-album discography. Budgets being what they are, it was guitar picks for me, along with the realization that Shonen Knife had celebrated their 30th anniversary in… 2011.

Oldness? No. Lifers. And Sunday night in Le Divan Orange, when most of POP Montreal had packed up and slunk into the night for parts unknown, the Japanese trio was kicking the Life into that status.

Odds are when singer-guitarist Naoko Yamano formed Shonen Knife in Osaka with her sister Atsuko (since departed), she had no idea she’d be riffing into the speedy barre chords of Banana Chips in an indie club on The Main. Behind the adorable accents and plushie song titles, it was impossible to overlook how fiercely she’s held to the initial blueprint since 1981. And by the time they’d hit Bear Up Bison, cute had gone out the window. [Read More...]
Philly Girl About Town: Shonen Knife, Habibi, and Amanda X at Underground Arts 9/11/14
Standing to the right of the stage in anticipation of Osaka, Japan's pop-punk wonders Shonen Knife was exhilerating knowing that their 2014 North American tour was taking them on a journey to play their 1000th show. After forming in 1981, playing their first concert in early '82, and getting signed soon after to K Records for their debut, Shonen Knife began coming to the attention of bands like Nirvana and power-pop contemporaries like Redd Kross. In their thirty plus years since, Shonen Knife have made it to the US off and on, and within the genesis of a two-minute pop song the band's spirit and fanbase has never waned. Their unique mixture of heavy rock and pop-punk along with clever lyrics about everything from food to animals have equated to a live show that is always loud, fast, and fun. On tour for new rock album Overdrive and with support from tour mates Habibi, and locals Amanda X, the show was the perfect mixture of fifties-tinged psych and neoteric rock. [Read More...]
The Mill — Wednesday, Sept. 17 at 9 p.m.

Naoko Yamano, the vocalist, guitarist and founder of Shonen Knife, has guided her musical vision under one basic tenet: Rock and roll is best when it’s fun.

Across 20 albums and 33 years, Shonen Knife has completely changed the musical landscape, all along the way writing excellent, catchy songs and playing exceptionally energetic live shows. The all-girl Japanese trio expanded the underground’s collective consciousness to include and embrace Japan, but they also laid the groundwork for the Riot Grrrl movement, creating safe spaces for female fans in the late-’80s clubs they played at. There are very few bands today that don’t owe a debt to Shonen Knife. [Read More...]
Selective Hearing: Live Report: Shonen Knife in Chicago
Osaka’s all-girl rock powerhouse Shonen Knife have been rocking the masses since 1981, with over 20 albums under their belt, and are still going strong, having continuously toured the world for many years, and recently started a US tour in support of their newest album, “Overdrive.” I got to see their awesome show in Chicago a few nights ago, and loved every moment. Here’s some highlights: [Read More...]
My JHouse ROCKS: Shonen Knife Interview With My JHouse Rocks
Shonen Knife

My JHouse Rocks caught up with the all female punk trio Shonen Knife formed in Osaka, Japan back in 1981 who's influences are The Beach Boys and the infamous Ramones and interesting enough has also performed as a tribute band called "The Osaka Ramones" a hometown favorite. The band crafts simple, basic and raw songs with lyrics sung in both Japanese and English which creates a worldwide interest in this groups music with a distinguishable edgy underground garage rock sound that has gained recognition from many '90's alternative rock bands such as Nirvana and captured much attention creating an immense amount of fans around the globe as their longevity as a band has propelled them out of Japan and given the girls great opportunities to perform in many countries with several tours under their caps including the most recent tour in North America! Please make sure to check out the bands tour dates and catch a show, you will not be disappointed! Although the girls are on tour they were gracious in taking the time to answer a few of our questions.

MJHR: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to allow this interview with My JHouse Rocks.

MJHR: Please introduce yourself to our readers and which instrument you play.

Naoko: I play the guitar.

Ritsuko: I play the bass.
Emi: I play the drums. [Read More...]
Project: Lixx: Interview: Shonen Knife North American Tour 2014!

Project: Lixx: Interview: Shonen Knife North American Tour 2014!

No stranger to endless tour dates and trips around the world, Shonen Knife have returned stateside to once again take North America by storm! With 34 concerts, including both Toronto and Montreal Canadian dates, as well as the newly announced 10/22 date at The Knitting Factory, NYC, you'd be hard pressed not to find your way into their audience.

Inspiring, influencing and creating since their formation Dec. 29, 1981, Shonen Knife is a band that has woven it's way through rock history and clearly made a mark. In an era where many musicians come and go as though seasonal trends, they continue to evolve, yet remain true to the rock lifestyle.

Just fresh into their 2014 tour, Naoko, Tirsuko, and Emi took a moment to sit down and speak about their music, their fans and food!

Q. Thank you very much for speaking with me today. You've just set out on the North American leg of your Overdrive tour, and a rigorous tour at that. Over 30 dates, one night after the other. What are you most looking forward to having returned here this fall?

Naoko - to see our fans and have a good time.

Ritsuko - Eating delicious hamburger and sandwich. Jimmy John's is my favorite.

Emi - Seeing you guys after two years. [Read More...]
Twin Cities Daily Planet: Shonen Knife pays tribute to the Ramones in 1,000th show at the Turf Club
MUSIC REVIEW | Shonen Knife pays tribute to the Ramones in 1,000th show at the Turf Club

By Josh Wodarz,

The spirit that drives Shonen Knife was apparent in the song that played over the PA as they left the stage: The Ramones’ “Sheena is a Punk Rocker.” While Shonen Knife didn’t play any of their excellent Ramones covers for their 1,000th show, held at the newly remodeled Turf Club, all of their music displayed how that thunderous punk rock heart of The Ramones is so important to Shonen Knife. With the recent death of the last original Ramone, Thomas “Tommy Ramone” Erdelyi, being reminded how their soul and energy remain alive in bands today was comforting and up lifting.
With their recent album Overdrive, Shonen Knife added some new tricks to their repertoire with riffs that harken back to 1970s albums by AC/DC and Black Sabbath. It says a lot about the longevity of their career when the three songs off Overdrive–“Bad Luck Song,” “Ramen Rock,” and “Green Tea”–are just as strong (if not stronger) than many of the fan favorites they played during the set. [Read More...]
Technology Tell: JRockin’ in the USA with Shonen Knife, a Technology Tell video interview
JRockin’ in the USA with Shonen Knife: a Technology Tell video interview

by Kirk Hiner

Tonight in Minneapolis, venerable Japanese rock band Shonen Knife will play their 1,000th concert.

Let that sink in a moment: 1,000. In today’s music industry, when labels churn out and abandon acts like leftover McDonald’s cheeseburgers—and when even popular acts release new material only every two to four years, possibly playing 15 shows a summer—Shonen Knife has stood before their audience 1,000 times.

The band formed in Osaka, Japan in 1981 with Naoko Yamano on lead vocals and guitar, Atsuko Yamano on drums and vocals, and Michie Nakatani on bass and vocals. This lineup continued through 1999, then went through various changes before reaching the current lineup in 2010 with Naoko, Ritsuko Tanada on bass and vocals, and Emi Morimoto on drums and vocals.

And what a lineup that is, quickly becoming a favorite amongst fans for their power, charm, and aggressively tight grooves on stage. In those four short years, the band has released Free Time, their Ramones tribute CD Osaka Ramones, Pop Tune and Overdrive. In between recording sessions, they’ve toured relentlessly around the world. And now in the U.S. they’re reaching the almost unheard of milestone at the start of their Overdrive tour. Sunday night, we were able to catch their 999th show at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland, Ohio, and the band was willing to sit down with us before their show to talk about their longevity, their inspirations, and…tennis?

We’ll apologize up front for the video/audio quality…we had to go off our backup camera, and fight both the opening act and some crazy-loud machine down in the Beachland green room (thank you,SoundSoap!). But doesn’t that just make it feel more rock and roll? [Read More...] Music: SHONEN KNIFE: 'MY ROGUE SPIRIT IS FOREVER THE SAME'

Leader Naoko Yamano talks with us ahead of her enduring Japanese punk band's 1,000th show at the Turf.

Since Shonen Knife’s first rehearsal in 1981, the Japanese punk trio has endured decades of recording and touring the globe. While the threesome’s lineup has changed over the years, its fun, danceable brand of songs about food (“Banana Chips,” “Broccoli Man”) and cats (“Giant Kitty”) garnered the band a cult following and heavyweight fans like Kurt Cobain of Nirvana and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.

Known for its energetic live show, coordinating outfits, and upbeat attitude, Shonen Knife is a shameless aural indulgence. The band’s latest release, this year’s “Overdrive,” was inspired less by punk and more by ‘70s rock but still contains the edible and animal influences that longtime listeners love.

Naoko Yamano, the only remaining member from the original Shonen Knife lineup, spoke to in anticipation of the band’s 1,000th performance at the Turf Club.

Q: Shonen Knife has been around for over 30 years. How have you and the music changed over time?

A: I’ve never changed. My ability to play the guitar has progressed. My skill of writing songs has progressed, too. But my spirit, my rogue spirit, is forever the same. I never look back. I just look forward. I can’t believe that so many years have passed.

[Read More...]