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MOLICE begins recording new record in USA

Molice traveled to the US to beging recording their next album at GCR Audio in Buffalo NY with producer Robby Takac and engineer Justin Rose. The band will be performing at The Music is Art Festival in Buffalo, NY September 12th 2015.




Available this week, and only in the GC Online store, from the recent 2015 Shonen Knife / CJ Ramone Tour of the US. 

Now's your chance to own "Osaka Ramones Live", a very limited edition live album recorded at The Bellhouse in NYC featuring Shonen Knife performing as Osaka Ramones with an encore featuring CJ Ramone of The Ramones. 

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1) Rock N Roll High School

2) Beat On The Brat

3) I Wanna Be Sedated

4) Sheena Is A Punk Rocker

5) The KKK Took My Baby Away

6) Scattergun (W/ CJ RAMONE)

7) Blitzkrieg Bop (W/ CJ RAMONE)

8) Pinhead (W/ CJ RAMONE)

MOLICE and Pinky Doodle Poodle to play The Music is Art Festival in Buffalo, NY

Tokyo, Japan's MOLICE and Pinky Doodle Poodle will be returning to the US with an appearance at The Music is Art Festival in Buffalo, NY on September 12th 2015. Both bands will be playing multiple sets along with 100s of musical acts, dancers, DJs and artists on 14 stages located on the grounds of The Albright Knox Art Gallery and Delaware Park's Hoyt Lake.

Music is Art Festival Website Shonen Knife at Middle East (6/24)
Shonen Knife is a group that has truly transcended both the naturally conceived limits of time and geographical location when it comes to creative output. The Japanese all-girl pop-punk band has been around longer than some of today’s up-and-coming artists have even been alive and totes a fandom reaching the lofty likes of Sonic Youth and Nirvana. Channelling their favorite acts like Ramones and The Beach Boys, the trio has cemented their worldwide legacy with their simplistic yet catchy lyrics and their sharp and pointed instrumentation.

The sole original member from the band, Naoko Yamano, briefly chatted with us about Shonen Knife’s latest work Overdrive [Read More...] CJ Ramone / Shonen Knife - Metro Gallery
I will admit that I was initially confused with the overall billing of this show because I had thought that CJ Ramone was a member of Shonen Knife for this tour and was expecting to see CJ jam with the J-pop princesses but the way the show worked out was that the opening act dropped off day of show and Shonen Knife’s set started the night off. CJ Ramone played a solo set as the headliner at 10 PM.

I was impressed with the quality merch Shonen Knife and CJ had at their tables. CJ sold hand painted skateboard decks, vinyl, and solo shirts. Shonen Knife had merch that reminded me of The Beatles back when they were a pop band; everything was cute, fluffy and nice. [Read More...]
Metal As Religion
Since the mid-1990’s cute girls as young as twelve have been recruited by the Japanese Talent Agencies to ‘become’ adorable little stars. The Japanese Idol system is all about manufacture, control and profit. Innocent looking actresses are recruited. (They do not necessarily have a background in music.) They are then expected to sweat & toil for their masters before being relentlessly and rigorously promoted...

If you are not a fan of Simon Cowell and Syco music because you do not like artifice and deceit… And you think that Idol factories such as X Factor and Got Talent churn out mass-produced consumer fodder — then it figures that you should not like or support Babymetal either.

But Here are Five Bands that you Should Get to Know and be Proud to Support:

The first band you should get to know is a pop punk band formed in Osaka Japan, in 1981. [Read More...] SHONEN KNIFE IS STILL SHARP
In a year that has been filled with influential, well-respected alt-rock bands from the 90’s returning to the road – there is no band that captured the zeitgeist better than Shonen Knife. The 90’s were a time when an all-female, Japanese punk band from Osaka like Shonen Knife could exist.

The band formed in the early 80’s, by sisters Naoko Yamano, Atsuko Yamano, along with friend and bassist Michi Nakatani. They’re reputation preceded them, being influenced primarily by the burgeoning music of mid-to late 70’s – specifically punk rock and New Wave. And being an all-female group they struck chord with the emerging feminist mindset in a misogynist Regan-era America, and the Riot Grrrrl movement swelling in the underground music scene. It didn’t take long for the all-female, Japanese punk band to be noticed scene kids in America. [Read More...]
Scene Point Blank: Shonen Knife, CJ Ramone @ Amsterdam Bar & Hall
Shonen Knife cleaned up afterward and they lived up to expectation. It was energetic, choreographed, and tight. The synchronized riffage and bowing guitar/bass contrasted by stand-up drumming was both entertaining and a musically respectful—more playful than mocking—and the real definitive point would be the band’s enthusiasm. Over 30 years in the game haven’t dampened the mood, and drummer Emi Morimoto’s infectious smile kept the atmosphere bouncy and carefree. [Read More...]
Colossalcon 2015: Shonen Knife Interview