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"Overdrive" (Shonen Knife)

All-female Japanese pop-punk band Shonen Knife are back with their 20th studio album since they formed in 1982 as a DIY ’60s era girl group incarnate. Shonen Knife founder and lead vocalist Naoko pens 10 new songs bassist Ritsuko and drummer Emi in "Overdrive," and their garage rock sound is safely locked in place, embellished only by a ’70s hard rock patina. After 33 years together, these women know how to find harmony, and their presentation of these retro riffs are like Osaku punk meets Thin Lizzie. [Read More...]
UC Highlander News - Shonen Knife "Overdrive"
Shonen Knife still is still going strong in their 19th album “Overdrive”
Written by Hana Kong

Courtesy of Good Charamel

Still going strong in their now 33-year-long career, Shonen Knife released “Overdrive” earlier this month. Formed in Osaka, this three-part group has a sound that has consistently been associated with pop-punk and alternative rock. Although current members Naoko Yamano, Ritsuko Taneda and Emi Morimoto are all natives of Japan, “Overdrive” is one of many albums that are produced in English. For those with even the slightest interest in Japanese rock, Shonen Knife is definitely one of the names that should be familiar. With a fan base consisting of Nirvana, Red Kross and Sonic Youth, you might get a better idea about what kind of audience they attract.
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Indiependent Music - Pinky Doodle Poodle to release self-titled debut album
Pinky Doodle Poodle to release self-titled debut album
Posted on April 22, 2014
by indiependentmusic

Tokyo’s Pinky Doodle Poodle will be releasing their self-titled debut album on 22 April on Good Charamel Records.

The band has released a handful of EPs in Japan and Europe and have just completed their first full length album in the US with producer / Goo Goo Dolls member Robby Takac at his GCR Audio Studios in Western New York, the 10 song album will be released digitally 4/22 (with a CD release to follow) on Good Charamel Records including a cover of the rock classic “Twist and Shout”.
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All Music - "Overdrive" Album Review
Three decades into their recording career, no one should expect any radical shifts in Shonen Knife's musical approach, but 2014's Overdrive is about as close to a major change of pace as they're ever likely to give us. Shonen Knife leaderNaoko Yamano has long insisted she likes vintage hard rock and metal as much as the Ramones-styled pop-punk that has been the group's sonic trademark since the beginning, and on Overdrive she sets out to prove it: she plugs her guitar into a bigger amp, tosses in some chord changes that suggest vintage hard rock and glam tunes, and has the rhythm section (bassist Ritsuko Taneda and drummer Emi Morimoto) hit harder and with more swagger than usual. [Read More...]
Spectrum Culture - Shonen Knife "Overdrive" Review
Rating: 4/5 ★★★★☆

“Gabba gabba, we accept you/ We accept you, one of us!” On “Pinhead,” the Ramones explicitly summed up the promise of the DIY punk ethos. Anyone could join in from whatever part of the fringe they lived on. That message found an unlikely reception in Osaka, Japan, where two sisters and their friend were inspired to start their own band in 1981. Although the lineup has changed over the years, Shonen Knife remains true to their initial love of bands like the Ramones. Part of their magic is that they embody both rock rawness and Japanese kawaii (cuteness) culture. Their thrashy guitars and simple song structures firmly embrace punk, but the trio’s joie de vivre creates a cognitive dissonance. The crunchy catharsis of distorted amps is tied to cheerfully trivial lyrics in a way that sounds quite naïve to a Western audience. Where other bands might cast this contrast as irony or a mask of innocence over a seething internal chaos, Shonen Knife uses the noise like a trebuchet to launch their innate optimism to soaring heights. They walk this tightrope between two extremes with such a natural flair, that it’s impossible to dismiss them as a lightweight girl band or as mindless rockers. They’ve been around long enough that they qualify as old-school punks and they’ve developed a cult following that included Sonic Youth and the late Kurt Cobain.
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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - New CDs
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - New CDs

■Shonen Knife, "Overdrive" (Good Charamel). The nineteenth LP (in roughly 33 years) from this Japanese trio of femmes has a lot of punk-reminiscent noise and pop silliness along with a touch of mellower, more thoughtful material.

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Nippop News : Good Charamel releasing 3 albums by Japanese artists
Nippop News:Good Charamel releasing 3 albums by Japanese artists (2014.04.05)

Rochester New York based indie Good Charamel will release three albums by Japanese artists this month. Shonen Knife's "Overdrive" is out April 15, which they will follow with an extensive European and American tour. The skronk rock power trio led by female musician/anime singer Yuria, Pinky Doodle Poodle's self-titled debut album will be released April 22. The album has an energetic rock sound, somewhere in the realm of the MC5, and was recorded in NY with the Goo Goo Dolls Robby Takac producing. Also alt-rock band band Molice make available their newest, "Resonance Love" on April 29. Molice has gathered a substantial overseas following, with their quirky videos, and by playing gigs in The US, UK and Vietnam. [Read More...]
Stage Buddy: Shonen Knife’s “Overdrive” Puts the Alt in Alt Rock
‘Shonen’ in means 'boy' in Japanese, usually one under the age of 15. I can’t think of a more fitting name for this alternative rock trio from Osaka because their songs could’ve theoretically been written by a 13-year-old boy – on drugs.

The music from Shonen Knife’s album, “Overdrive,” is exactly what you’d expect from a Japanese girl group. In this lively album, you'll find adorable accents, high-pitched vocals, and a song about shopping. Seemingly silly at first, the songs are actually quite addicting. My initial reaction, “What is this?” quickly turned into “I dig this” as the 70s-style retro album grew on me. ...... (cont.) [Read More...]
THE LINE OF BEST FIT Album Review - Shonen Knife – Overdrive
Rightfully refusing to relent releasing material, Japanese cult outfit Shonen Knife are back with their twentieth studio album. The trio have long been at the forefront of Asian musical exports, famously gathering support from the likes of Nirvana and John Peel earlier in their longstanding career.
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The Punk Site: Shonen Knife New Album Details / US Tour
Legendary Japanese indie rock band Shonen Knife have released details of their upcoming full length, titled Overdrive. This is the group’s first record since 2012′s Pop Tune and will drop on April 15th via Good Charamel Records. In support of the record, the all girl outfit will hit the road for a series of dates across the US later this year. [Read More...]