She Shreds: Shonen Knife Plays 1000th Show and Celebrates 30+ Years During North American Tour
Shonen Knife Plays 1000th Show and Celebrates 30+ Years During North American Tour

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Osaka, Japan's Shonen Knife are an iconic trio for their incredible musicianship and D.I.Y values, often paired with consistently amazing outfits and cat lyrics. They've toured and played alongside bands such as Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Red Kross who've also claimed themselves as avid fans. Thirty-three years and 20 albums later, Shonen Knife prepares themselves for another North American tour where they will perform their 1000th show. Pretty badass, right?
The show will take place in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota at The Turf Club on 9/16 during their upcoming 33 show North American tour. The band will be taking requests from fans via their Twitter and Facebook pages, and the 1000th performance will also include an appearance by original Shonen Knife member Atsuko Naoko. So get to it and start tweeting to @shonenknife!
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City Pages: Shonen Knife to play 1,000th show at Turf Club
The St. Paul date is their fifth stop in a cross-continental tour that runs from September 11 through October 21 and it is pure coincidence that the millenial stop is in the Twin Cities. The energetic band has played the Twin Cities numerous times, documenting their last two visits on their blog and even including photos from the Mall of America. While the band enjoys the people and energy in Minneapolis-St. Paul, it seems their first impressions were of our weather. "I don't remember [our first visit] well, but I think it was the show with Nirvana on December 10, 1993 at Roy Wilkins Auditorium," says vocalist/guitarist Naoko. I just remember it was so cold." [Read More...]
The Spill: Maximum Overdrive: An Interview With Naoko Yamano Of Shonen Knife
Maximum Overdrive:
An Interview With Naoko Yamano Of Shonen Knife

After my interview with Robby Takac of the Goo Goo Dolls, he mentioned to me that his record label, Good Charamel Records, has a signed artist that would also be in Chicago soon. He introduced me to an all-female band from Osaka named Shonen Knife saying, “Shonen Knife is one of the hardest working, passionate bands I've ever known. I'm very proud to be part of their legacy here in the U.S." The band was formed in 1981 by sisters Naoko (lead vocals/guitar) and Atsuko Yamano. Singer Michie Nakatani joined and they released their first album, Burning Farm. Atsuko and Nakatani left the band eventually and Emi Morimoto replaced them. I inquired how the name Shonen Knife came to be. Naoko explained, “Shonen Knife is an old brand name of a pencil knife. When I saw this knife, I was impressed by the name. Shonen means ‘boy’ in Japanese. The images of the words are boy equals cute and knife equals dangerous. When cute and dangerous are combined together, it’s the image of our music.” The band was one of the first all-female bands from Osaka. That was not a concern for Naoko however, “I just wanted to form a band with people who have been my friends before. I’m shy and I didn’t want to start a band with strangers. As a result, I formed an all-female band.” [Read More...]
Statik Noise: SHONEN KNIFE 'Overdrive' - Good Charamel Records - 2014
Osaka, Japan’s Shonen Knife originally came together in 1981, and in 1982 they released their debut album, Minna Tanoshiku’, and have been charging full speed ahead ever since. Now, in 2014, they have recently written, completed work on, and presented us with studio album number 19, entitled ‘Overdrive’. Vocalist, Naoko Yamano, remains the sole original member, but she has always been the spirit of the band, so ‘Overdrive’ is still very much a Shonen Knife album. Established fans can rest a bit easier.
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Impression of Sound : REVIEW - Shonen Knife - Overdrive
Despite the great length of time they’ve been around as a band, Shonen Knife have never lost their playful spirit. Through thirty-two years and numerous lineup changes, they’ve attracted a cult following with their simple and sweet brand of rock and roll. Bandleader Naoko Yamano, now fifty-three years old, is the only member who’s been with the Osaka-based band for its entire span. It’s safe to say that their output as a band has been especially prolific, not in the sense that they’ve released a great number of albums in a short amount of time, but in that they’ve been releasing albums regularly since their inception. And there’s no stopping them now. Overdrive, the follow-up to 2012’s Pop Tune, is their 20th record as a band. Quite a milestone record as this certainly amasses some high expectations, but none of it has gone to their head. In fact, the record shows no indication of it being some kind of special celebration record. It’s simply a frills-free rocking good time that plays to the band’s strengths of creating simple and fun songs with hilariously relatable lyrics. They’re having a good time, and it’s clear they want to convey that same experience to their listeners. [Read More...]
Shonen Knife Announce North American Tour Behind 'Overdrive'
By Gregory Adams

Long-running Japanese punk combo Shonen Knife have been hitting concert stages since way back in 1981. They'll soon be back on the road for a North American trip behind their recent Overdrive LP, on which they'll perform their 1,000th show.

The Osaka trio head our way in September, with the milestone show set to go down September 16 at St. Paul, MN's Turf Club. To help celebrate, the band are actively seeking out requests from fans, with the group also adding that original member Atsuko Yamano will grace the stage with the current roster.

The trek has the band crossing over into Canada as well, though, with shows on this side of the border lined up in Toronto and at Pop Montreal. You'll get all the venue and date specifics down below.

Overdrive is the band's 19th studio full-length and was released in North America earlier this spring via Good Charamel. You can check out the almost Thin Lizzy-styled swing of crunchy pop number "Bad Luck Song" beneath the tour info.
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Shonen Knife to Play 1000th Show During US Tour
Shonen Knife to Play 1000th Show During US Tour

Punk-rock sensation, Shonen Knife, has been creating music and touring for more than 30 years to date, and have no plans of stopping anytime soon. They've recently announced bringing their upcoming Overdrive Tour to the US, now Shonen Knife has announced the coming of their 1000th show!

This is also a very exciting time for Shonen Knife as on September 16, this particular show in St. Paul, MN will mark the band's 1000th performance! In celebration, Shonen Knife will take song and setlist requests from fans via their Facebook and Twitter pages. Also, they will bring on none other than original member Atsuko, sister of lead singer Naoko.

Check out the tour dates below and for those who are attending the 1000th performance, be sure to visit Shonen Knife's Facebook and Twitter pages to request songs to be played!

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Osaka, Japan’s legendary Shonen Knife are about to reach another milestone in their 30+ year career of bringing the joys of punk rock, fantasy and food to the hearts and ears of the fortunate.

Shonen Knife's 1000th worldwide performance (since their inception in 1982) will take place in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota at The Turf Club on 9/16 during their upcoming 33 show North American tour. This latest visit takes place during the months of September and October in support of their latest album “Overdrive” released in April 2014 on Good Charamel Records.

Shonen Knife will be taking requests for this special show from fans via their Twitter and Facebook pages, and the 1000th performance will also include an appearance by original Shonen Knife member Atsuko (sister of lead singer Naoko).

The "Overdrive" tour has already seen successful runs in Europe, The UK and Japan and now Naoko, Ritsuko and Emi will be taking the show around North America including performances at “Anime Weekend Atlanta”, Buffalo, NY’s “Music is Art Festival” and a stop at the “Pop Montreal Festival” in Canada.

Shonen Knife “Overdrive” North American Tour 2014

9/11 Philadelphia, PA Underground Arts: Black Box

9/12 Brooklyn, NY The Wick

9/13 Buffalo, NY Music is Art Festival (Delaware Park)

9/14 Cleveland, OH Beachland Ballroom

9/16 St. Paul, MN The Turf Club

9/17 Iowa City, IA The Mill

9/18 Chicago, IL The Bottom Lounge

9/19 Detroit, MI The Magic Stick

9/20 Toronto, ON The Silver Dollar

9/22 Cambridge, MA The Middle East

9/24 Baltimore, MD The Ottobar

9/25 Durham, NC The Pinhook

9/27 Atlanta, GA 529

9/28 Atlanta, GA Anime Weekend Atlanta

9/30 New Orleans, LA The Beatnik

10/01 Houston, TX Fitzgerald’s

10/02 Dallas, TX Club DADA

10/03 Austin, TX Red 7

10/06 Tucson, AZ The Flycatcher

10/07 San Diego, CA The Casbah

10/08 Los Angeles, CA Bootleg Theater

10/10 San Francisco, CA Bottom of the Hill

10/11 Portland, OR Dante’s

10/12 Seattle, WA The Tractor Tavern

10/14 Boise, ID Neutrolux

10/15 Salt Lake City, UT Urban Lounge

10/16 Denver, CO Oriental Theater

10/17 Kansas City, KS Record Bar

10/18 St.Louis, MO The Firebird

10/20 Pittsburgh, PA 3st Street Pub

10/21 Asbury Park, NJ The Saint

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So I was listening to this record thinking about how it moves past the usual heavy Ramones influence when the news came about the passing of Tommy Ramone. Just a bummer that has to be acknowledged. But this album starts off with the theme of overcoming bad luck, jinxes and the like. Coincidence? Yes. But what can you do with a Bad Luck Song? The Bad Luck Song might be my good luck song, and so on. Relative bummers continue on this album, with the next track Black Crow and later Robots From Hell. These songs might be a surprise if you haven’t been paying that close attention. That could be some people, right? It’s 2014, perfect time to jump on the SK train. Seriously, why not. You could’ve get hooked on the cute stuff, of which there’s plenty, but they’ve also got some regular good Rock songs. About Rock stuff. Darkness, yeah. And of course, cats, food, shopping and tennis. It’s a very typical Shonen Knife record. I don’t have to praise or defend it too much, because it seems like everyone knows what SK is about and likes them. People must exist that do not like them, but they don’t seem to say anything about it....
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